Renderosity vendor hameleon quenches thirst with art

Aug 23, 2017 at 11:02 am by SchelleFire

Anton, who goes by hameleon in the Renderosity community, continues to create products because he has an unquenchable "thirst for activity."

In Russian, he said it's "жажда деятельности," which roughly translates to a thirst or need for activity. It's a concept that can be found in Russian music and literature, and in hameleon's provocative poses and expressions for 3D models

From his hometown of Smolensk in Russia, hameleon uses Poser 11 and DAZ Studio 4.8 to create his products, along with Photoshop for texturing and for creating his promo images.

"For modeling, I'm using 3Ds Max 9. For UV mapping Unfold3d. At this time I'm using DAZ Studio 4.8 a lot for my projects. I like Genesis 3 figure and iRay render," he said.

His passion for digital art started in the late 1990s when his boss asked him to create commercial ads for a magazine.

"Actually, in these times I worked as systems administrator in a small furniture firm," he said.

He picked up Photoshop to create the ad and he was hooked. "That was very funny advertisement," he said.

From there he ventured into 3D modeling.

"For me, it was an easy way to create furniture samples in 3D. In the mid-2000s, I started to do projects for Renderosity," he said.

To start he did landscapes and furniture. The first offering in his store was Canyon for Poser, a complete desert fantasy landscape that has been used by community members for years.

"I remember how is hard was to do the first one," he said. But he's moved on to his greatest inspiration "a woman's beautifulness. That's why most of my products made for V4 and G3 woman's characters."

This leads to his favorite thing to design, poses and expressions.

Hameleon offers dozens of options in poses and expressions with which his customers create their desires.

Find more of hameleon's creations and products in his store.

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