Meet one of the first vendors on Renderosity

Aug 07, 2017 at 09:02 am by SchelleFire

Diane Griffith, a.k.a., DTHUREGRIF, joined Renderosity during the Wild West of the Internet back in March 1999.

In the late '90s social media was bulletin board services and chat rooms, a group of programmers in Tennessee decided they wanted to create a community where people interested in 3D modeling could discuss ideas and share their work.

At the same time, DTHUREGRIF was using Poser as a reference tool in her art. And being in the time before Google, she had to look in books or find other users to answer her questions.

"I had a question the manual couldn't answer and found Poser Forum," she said. "I later found Renderosity and ended up becoming part of the community. I started designing characters around 2000 and have been at it ever since."

Back then Renderosity didn't even have vendors or even a marketplace. DTHUREGRIF with two other artists, Jack Kammerer and Ed Arsenault, started the first store on the site.

"That seems like a million years and many lifetimes ago," DTHUREGRIF said from her home in California.

Now DTHUREGRIF uses the marketplace to share her character creations for Poser and DAZ Studio with the community.

"Sometimes I use a real person as inspiration. Other times a character just grows out of my imagination," she said. "When I actually used to use a pencil, I did portraits on paper. Now I do them in 3D."

One of Diane Griffith's first characters, Carmen, from 2002.

She said has used the site on and off other the years as she's tried to sell her products on her own website and at DAZ but the community keeps pulling her back in.

"I no longer have my own website/store and I have sold at DAZ, but don't really like their business model, so I now sell exclusively on Rosity and that's what keeps me here now," she said.

Seeing what other artists are creating also keeps her coming back and growing as an artist.

"Seeing what other people have done in Poser and DAZ Studio has always been an inspiration for me to push myself a little further," she said. "I love it when people include helpful criticisms in their comments. Those are much more valuable to me as an artist."

Find more of DTHUREGRIF's creations and products in her store.

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