Prae creates heart's desire for Renderosity

Jul 28, 2017 at 11:32 am by SchelleFire

Renderosity vendor Prae loves how 3D modeling allows her to create anything her heart desires. Now her heart flutters at anime and manga because of how its vibrancy and style push the limits of her imagination.

"I also love a lot of manhwa, Korean comics, some of them are among the most beautiful and detailed comics I have seen," she said.

She started modeling with Truespace after her husband was asked to develop children's educational software using it.

"I thought it looked like fun and started learning too," Prae said. "I have always loved the look of 3D graphics and, when I saw the amazing images created in Poser, I knew I had to try it. I finally got the courage to start making items for sale in 2006 and now I make things for both Poser and DAZ Studio."

Now she spends her time creating hair and clothes inspired by anime, manga and game art from her home in New Zealand.

"I'm also lucky enough to have a friend in Japan who sends me some of the Japanese fashion magazines, like KERA, and music magazines on Visual Kei. I find them a never ending source of inspiration," Prae said.

Her love of Japanese art comes from its imagery, which "can be very stylized and distorted, pushing the limits of what people expect, or incredibly beautiful and sometimes both," Prae said. She especially finds inspiration in Japanese mythology and supernatural stories.

"I love dystopian imagery too. Anything that is beautifully ugly I find strangely appealing but this doesn't usually come through in my art or products," Prae said.

What does come through is her passion for creating interesting clothing and hair.

Prae would like to learn to create models for gaming but hasn't gotten far in the design process because of a lack of programming knowledge.

"The idea of making complete characters or fantastical creatures for games really appeals. I've experimented a bit and made a character that I could set up in Unity. It was incredibly satisfying to control something I had made just like it was in a game, even if it was very basic," she said.

She will continue to use 3D art create anything that pops into her imagination and inspires her to do more.

Find more of Prae's creations and products in her store.

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