Community helps Renderosity top seller stay on course

Jul 26, 2017 at 10:02 am by SchelleFire

Despite a few setbacks when she was first starting out, Renderosity exclusive vendor ~Wolfie~, who also answers to Pam, stuck with it and followed her own advice.

"Have fun," she said when asked what advice she had for beginning designers. "Don't be afraid to experiment, and seek out help if you get stuck."

Her road to Renderosity is long and winding, but she didn't let herself get caught by speed bumps. She started when she picked up her first computer in 1996. The computer created an opportunity to run a home-based business in her hometown in northern Ontario Canada for about 10 years where she created pre-made web sets and graphics.

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"Near the start of those years, I started getting requests for graphic work that was more fantasy based. So, around 1998-99 while researching what I needed to create those pieces," ~Wolfie~ said.

Her brother-in-law heard about her quest and introduced her to an early edition of Poser.

"I played with it for a bit, but couldn't figure out how to really make it work. Clothes and hair would 'fall off,'" she said. The frustration caused her to put the program down for a few years and around 2003, she saw an ad for a new version of Poser.

"I think I paid $99 for it," she recalled. "I took a chance, and picked it up. But I still couldn't master the clothing and hair thing... So in frustration I took to the internet and started looking for the solution. I discovered you had to 'Figure, Conform To...' and that was that," she explained.

Her first Marketplace product and Renderosity store came soon after.

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"During some of those years, I was working full time at the local university, managing all the online web courses. In 2008, I decided I wanted to resign, and concentrate full time on my 3D projects. Although, I still consider myself just a hobbyist," she said.

In the years since she learned how to keep hair and clothes from falling off, ~Wolfie~ has mastered Poser, DAZ Studio, Cinema4D, Paint Shop Pro, and other software.

She has a continuous list of requests for her "Touchable" hair add-ons and a few models and prop sets in various stages of completion.

"Seems there is never enough time in the day -- as I am sure many other content creators can relate," she said.

Even with her years of experience, ~Wolfie~ said she still runs into the occasional problem and has to ask for help.

"A lot of other vendors are great when it comes to offering advice and help," she said.

A while back she created a different hair style than her usual and was having problems rigging it.

"I tried it myself about a dozen or more times, but was never really sure if I had actually done it right. So I asked a pro for help," ~Wolfie~ said. A Renderosity community member didn't hesitate and even showed her how to rig it over video sharing.

"Turns out, in the end, I was doing it right each time, but had forgotten a few steps (like adjusting the rigging for twist, bend, side-side)," she explained.

With the help of the community, and Google, ~Wolfie~ has become a top seller on Renderosity.

Find more in her store. Follow her on Twitter.

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