Russian designer draws inspiration from American music

Jul 24, 2017 at 09:02 am by SchelleFire

There is something about the emotion in American Country music that appeals to Russian designer Grigorii Davidian, who goes by the online moniker AppleJack on Renderosity.

Even his username is inspired by the genre that calls Nashville, Tenn., its home -- a city just a few miles from the Renderosity home office.

"Why AppleJack?" he asked rhetorically.

"Well, there is the song of Dolly Parton, Applejack. I love country music and when I registered an account I was just listening to this song and I thought - why not?" said Davidian, who lives in Moscow in the Russian Federation.

Davidian started modeling as a hobby and found the Renderosity community in 2010. He uses Poser, MoI3D and 3D scenery generator Vue, along with Hexagon to add details to his models.

"For texturing I use Allegorithmic Substance Painter and I think it is the best software for making complex textures," he said, adding Vue is a "great tool."

He started with simple models but as his skills grew his models grew more complex.

"I think that every person wants to express himself in something. I found a hobby for myself and then I found such a great community, like Renderosity," Davidian said about why he started creating 3D models.

Over the years, he has tried different themes: modern, sci-fi, historical, dystopian. But one thing has remained constant, his love of modeling architecture.

"I can not say that a particular topic is a major, but still I like the most modern buildings in the style of the great architect Zaha Hadid, who unfortunately not so long ago left this world, but left a memory of herself in the form of great architectural structures," Davidian said.

Hadid was a Iraqi-born British architect, whose unconventional designs often paired modern lines with gentle curves. Her most recognizable building is the London Olympics Aquatics Center, which was featured in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

"Sometimes I get the impression of good science fiction movies," Davidian said about Hadid's designs.

Her influence can be seen in his sci-fi sets and scenes. But Grigory also has a wide selection of sets and scenes from realistic museums and medieval fantasy to apocalyptic scenes and historic landscapes.

Like his musical tastes, Davidian doesn't limit himself to one genre. He listed '70s rock bands Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple, as his favorites, along with country music.

He said he enjoys country music because "it allows you to understand the real essence of the Americans as a people. In addition, this music is simple-minded, honest and very spiritual." He especially enjoys the playful melodies and lyrics of Dolly's work.

"Even if the text in the song is playful, it is still very close to ordinary people. But there are a lot of deep and personal songs," he said, citing Parton's "Smoky Mountain Memories" or "Coat Of Many Colors" as his favorites because "they simply take the soul."

"In this sense American country music is very similar to our Russian songs," Davidian said.

Find more of Davidian's creations in his store on Renderosity.

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