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Jul 14, 2017 at 12:03 am by SchelleFire

Growing up in Middle America, Kimberly Kay, a.k.a, Renderosity artist ArtistKimberly, loved playing with dolls and creating art.

"3D art is just simply a way of creating and expressing my art. All while still playing with dolls my two favorite things in one hobby," she said.

ArtistKimberly called herself "a natural-born artist" who has always been able to draw anything that inspires her.

"In real world, in my real life, out in public, you would probably be surprised to know that I am a transgender woman, which would make me my own personal art project," she said, adding she is also "a singer, a dancer, an actress, and an individual of multitude of talents."

In her digital art, the one thing that has always inspired her is the human form and music.

"I really love the human form--male or female--and trying to make them as realistic as possible through texturing the skin or through their facial expressions. I also love to design and create glamorous beautiful luxurious opulent environment for the models to stand in," she said.

From her home in Indiana, ArtistKimberly said she starts with DAZ software and a leading character. Lately she has been using Victoria 7.

"Then I compose her completely: hair, jewelry, clothes," she explained. Next she composes the men and other characters before moving onto the environment.

"Actually when I do interiors I'd like to do a 360-degree view around the entire room. That way reflections in the eyes, jewelry, mirrors, and so on can be seen," she said.

Once she has all the pieces composed, she places them together into a scene, posing them and getting the lighting right before putting the finishing touches on using GIMP.

"Then, if the piece was not inspired by a particular song, then I may go find a song to just simply some up the overall general vibe of the particular piece I may be working on," she said. She also shares the song in her gallery.

In one of her most recent creations, "Nothing Holding me Back," ArtistKimberly was inspired by the song by Shawn Mendes. She chose products from Renderosity vendors like Rhiannon, fabiana, Sveva, DM, outoftouch and Arryn to create an excellent rendering of a sexy couple in a realistic setting.

ArtistKimberly has been creating artistic renderings since the early 2000s, but she said her favorite was "Go on let it bleed," which was inspired by the song Trouble by Leona Lewis.

"The reason why I love this one the most is because of the detail within not only the room and the character," she said. "It was in a time at Renderosity when there was so much love. So many of us loving and enjoying not only each other but each other's artwork."

She hopes to have captured a slice of her life and created a legacy in her renderings.

"I can wholeheartedly say that what inspires me the most is to diarizing my life to hopefully leave a lasting impression and a legacy through this gallery," she said. "Not only just for my fans here on this site or in the art community but also for my close family and friends as well hopefully they can love value and appreciate all of this after I'm gone."

View ArtistKimberly's legacy in her gallery.

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