Jefferson Ferreira (JeffersonAF): "Art is the Expression of the Artist's Feelings"

Sep 30, 2015 at 05:27 am by -gToon

Some may listen to music while creating art or in silence. Depending on what your preference is, listening to some tunes while working will calm you down and may help you concentrate a bit better.

"When I create my art I turn out the world, I connect with my inner self. I create my art with my soul," says Renderosity member Jefferson Ferreira (JeffersonAF). "I love to create. It is wonderful to see something made out of of nowhere. Art fulfills me as a person."

I went ahead and asked him, what is it about art that you love?

Art for me is life, art is the expression of the artist's feelings, you can express their dreams through art.

Would you consider yourself more of a hobbyist?

Art for me is hobby and profession. When I'm not creating something to sell, I create art to expose my friends on Renderosity and facebook. I live my art every day of the week and love what I do.

This is the question I ask Renderosity members and the answers are usually always similar. How did you become so passionate about art and why?

As a kid I liked canvas paintings, drawings, classical music, and it always fascinated me in art to see make something out of nowhere. When you start modeling through a cube or sphere and that object becomes something different than it was at first, it is very pleasant to be involved in art.

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