Robin Warren: (Quietrob): "Everyone who creates digital comics has their own idea of how to do it"

Nov 02, 2015 at 08:40 pm by -gToon

Since I attended Comic Con this year, I've been interested in digital comics. I love seeing varieties of art, so I decided to ask the Renderosity community if they've ever dabbled in digital comics and Robin Warren (quietrob) responded back.

"I got into digital comics when I found it was taking too long to write, pencil, ink, color, and letter my own comic. A standard comic takes about 32 man-hours per page if you consider all these factors. I can do a page a night with the slowest computer in the world!" says Robin. "I started with Poser Figure Artist to speed up design and help with anatomy and perspective. I moved into Poser 7 and haven't looked back since!"

Then, I went on to ask him a few questions such as: what is your specialty?

Science Fiction. Swords and Rayguns. Pin-ups and Splash Pages. My comic. I've squeezed in a few book covers but my runtime archive is almost totally devoted to a single theme. The heroines and heroes that reside in the Ai Temple. A Temple in my mind and on the pages of my comic.

What inspires you?

First would be love. Love drives everything we do and everything that we are. Next would be the Historical figures of the combined era's of the human race from Leonidas to Obama. From Cleopatra to Lincoln. I've also been influenced by Robert A. Heinlein, Ayn Rand, Stan Lee, William Ernest Henley (the poet of Invictus), the art of Maxfield Parrish and the comic heroes that I've spent a lifetime reading and marveling at. There are so many things that influence our world view that it would take way too long to list them all and I know that I would miss listing some of the best writers, artists and thinkers there are. I've been reading comics since I was five years old. Over the years, I always wanted to tell a story. The story we all have in our head but are unable to easily transform to an art form. I've always loved epic stories, historical stories and science fiction. Now I can satisfy the urge to create and I can get help from some of the finest artists and vendors in the community.

What is it about digital comics that's most appealing?

Freedom. I've met many artists, some as good as the incredible artists that currently draw and contribute to today's comics. I bow my head to the masters of ink and brush, from Jim Lee to Jack Kirby and Curt Swan to Neal Adams. Yet as an art form and a story telling vehicle device, digital comics allow anyone with the vision, talent, willingness to learn and the tenacity to stick with their idea to create a universe worth exploring. You aren't restrained by other's idea's set in stone and there is a new audience that covers the globe that thirsts for something new.

Do you have any advice for those getting started with digital comics?

Everyone who creates digital comics has their own idea of how to do it. Some are brilliant. Contact them and see if they'll give you some tips. Whether they use a pencil or a computer, artists are some of the kindest and most generous people I have had the pleasure to know and to meet. Learn all that you can about your renderer of choice. Watch how the movies do it from a story telling point of view and try to emulate it. Choose realistic, painted or comic style and become its master. Don't be afraid to use ALL those styles to tell your story. Choose your favorite genre to tell your story but don't be afraid to try other genres. Listen to everyone as censorship is death but good taste in art is its own reward. You'll cringe at your first efforts after a year when you come back to it yet you will also realize how far you've come. Even in the realm of digital comics where you click a mouse and stroke with a digital pen more than a pencil, you have to learn and pay your dues. It's worth it. Nothing is outside of the realm creative comprehension.

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