Brian Hull (Darkworld): The Life Of A Passionate Artist

Sep 01, 2015 at 05:44 am by -gToon

When it comes to art, you are passionate about your work. You often feel offended when someone throws a negative comment at you because it's your work and it took several hours or even days to create your image. Your mentality is to say, "step away from my art or nobody gets hurt..."

Renderosity Vendor, Brian Hull--darkworld-takes great pride in his work. Whether he's creating products for Renderosity or his business, he is a perfectionist and won't show them off until he's fully satisfied.

"Art isn't limited," says Brian. "I don't know how to finish something when it's not up to my standard; I can't help getting it just perfect- at least from where I sit!"

I decided to dive into Brian's brain for a bit and ask how, why and what made him click over to Renderosity. After several e-mail exchanges and a phone conversation, Brian told me about how he learned to absolutely love art!

"Being a very visual person I've been more or less railroaded by my imagination since I was a toddler," says Brian. "Monsters, ghosts, knights, ninjas, aliens and fantasy worlds became a passion of mine, and I think part of me had always been searching for a way to express that interest visually.

I would say more often than not, artists tend to have a rather overactive imagination. And, art doesn't limit what you can do! You can create any sort of image that you'd like. Brian describes what he loves about art being, "creative control."

"I have a lot of strange ideas, both for games I develop and digital content, and there's no one to stop me from making them. I have also always loved the female archetype in fantasy art- and I think as long as we are able to separate fantasy and reality, there's nothing wrong with using the female form as a medium for this type of work," says Brian. "With fantasy art, I get to present females who are fearless and powerful, yet still alluring and beautiful."

But, the last question that I wished to know was "what is it about art that you absolutely love?"

"Artwork is expression," said Brian. "I feel like it's one of the few mediums that can be stunningly beautiful coming from anyone, regardless of whether they've mastered the craft. Artwork is about love, and if you're honest about what fascinates you it's a fantastic way to share that with others."

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