Gabriel Montagudo (kanaa): How He Never Stopped Loving Art Despite Life's Challenges

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At Renderosity, there are so many interesting artists that have passion and love for art. But, sometimes, their art doesn't get noticed or they never talk about how they get into art. Therefore, I decided to ask around the community to see who has a rather interesting story about how they got into 3D art. And, I was referred to Kanaa, so I reached out and asked him some questions about his passion: art.

How did you become so passionate about art and why?

"I started reading books when I was eight, and I fed on Jules Verne, Karl May, Jack London, Emilio Salgari...adventure books. All of those made a load of pictures in my little head that I felt like trying to reproduce and expand into. The material of the time was not computers but pen and paper draw and to write with as well as glue. I built my first models at a very early age, cardboard spaceships. My interest geared sharply towards science fiction.

Circumstances in life made me leave home before I was ready, so I lived in the streets in Spain, playing guitar for handouts--learned to play on open tuning on my own--and slowly slipping away from the system. I got robbed, got hassled by cops, and met all those characters my parents warned me about. I also lived in caves in a beach for several years, having nothing. But, I built sculptures of bones and metal, combined.

And I built more spaceship models out of plastic bottles and material I found around and also made music with my fellow cavemen.

Fast forward...

I landed in Norway, where I met my lovely wife Tanja, and I settled in this country. With time, computers came to our house and with them, a friend gave me a copy of Bryce. Boy, I got hooked. I also did a 3dsMax course too and started mesh modeling. Winters are too long, and 3d is a perfect refuge in those dark days. "

How did art change your life?

"I don't think art changed my life since I had these urges to create things since I was a kid...But I have changed arts in the course of my life. From drawing to writing, from writing to guitar playing, from that to composing electronic music, from that to 3d modeling and scene rendering.... And sculpting and building physical things in between."

What is it about art that you love?

"[Art] can get you away from mundane concerns into new worlds, where everything is possible."

What does art mean to you?

"For my part, it means evasion to other universes, and putting things that lurk in my head out, making them visible or experienceable to other people. Just the same as I experience other artist's creations, music, and writing."

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