Robyn Hahn (ROBYNSVEIL): "Art is introspection"

Sep 29, 2015 at 05:05 pm by -gToon

Some members on Renderosity create art as a hobby or purely for enjoyment and Robyn Hahn (Robynsveil) is one of them.

"Nursing is my true joy - helping people wake up from an operation in as much comfort and dignity as possible is incredibly rewarding," says Robyn. "You learn to do the best you can with what you have, enjoy what you do when you have a bit of 'time-for-art' and save up for those things you can afford, which is the Aussie way."

As a hobbyist, I decided to ask her some questions on how she views art.

Art has always been a reflection of life in its purest form. I've always struggled with the concept of art: I'd never really studied it properly. Since Poser-based art is so deceptively easy to generate as opposed to say doing oils or even charcoal on paper, one tends to reach that gratification point quite quickly. Going to the next step is almost always far more difficult. It would require studying the technology. You need to Study Light. Study existing works... and soon, you either abandon the self-critique and pronounce it "good-enough" or strive to improve the details.

Then, I wondered 'what is it about art that you love?'

Art comes in many forms. Whilst I love music, particular stuff from the beginning of the last century and older-- so: baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist-- I'm neither a good performer nor composer, though I did study musical composition at University.

I did try visual art in the form of drawing several years ago when time weighed heavily on my hands. Betty Edwards was my mentor: her book "Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain" taught me to see it differently, since drawing is more about seeing than what you do with your hands. I ended up with reasonably decent work, but I just wasn't that good at it. Still, drawing allowed me to express emotions. I've tried photography and film-making as well... all the advances in technology has made these crafts quite affordable.

The final question I asked her was, 'What does art mean to you?'

Art is introspection. My approach to art is applying what technology and artifices I've learnt to help say what I want to say. One learns something new, and then apply it. It's a creative outlet, purely. It will never pay any bills or even support itself to any meaningful degree. Perhaps when I retire - not that many years away, I'm the oldest nurse in our post-op recovery unit: some of the nurses in the unit weren't even born yet when I started my career - I might rethink things, but for now, doing Poser or Blender (content creation) or photography or making movies is just an outlet, a way to unwind, to stay balanced.

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