Susan Justice (Sveva): "Art is the open door to expression and to the soul"

Sep 21, 2015 at 11:33 pm by -gToon

I've always wondered how people get their start as an artist. Are you born with artist genes or do you develop them overtime? Most people have said from an early age, they've always loved making art. But, I wondered how exactly they started.

"I started with a pencil and a piece of paper, when I was very very young, drawing characters from movies, or unicorns and ponies," says Susan Justice [Sveva]--one of our vendors at Renderosity. "These days-- once in a while-- I still start with a pencil and a piece of paper, but more often, I start a 3D program such as Daz or Poser, or a 2D program such as Photoshop."

Other than painting pictures or taking photos, there are different types of art.

"From clay to paper to computer and 3D, art is passion. It's my way to communicate to the world without saying a word," says Susan. "I can create what I want, when I want, whether for sale or for pleasure or for both. "

The beauty of art is having an ability to make, create and sculpt what you want whenever you want. You don't have to follow rules or a certain pattern. Rather, you can make it your own.

"I have taken what I love and made it into something I can do full time and make it into my job. So I guess I work my "dream job" because aside from my first full-time job as a mom, I can't really think of anything else I would like to do really," says Susan. "I am very happy with what I do, and I feel lucky that I have carved a niche out for myself here at Renderosity and in the art community in general. "

In terms of being inspired, it's not hard to just walk outside, look at trees, landscapes and nature in general and feel a need to take pictures or create a portrait. People who are natural-born artists will view it as an open opportunity to create something absolutely amazing!

"[Art is] the open door to expression and to the soul. You can express yourself any way you like without ever having to say anything. You can do anything you want to, take pictures, or learn to model, or create 2D like painting either digital or traditional," says Susan. "Look outside, or in a book, or at other works of art, become inspired, and create. Even in your darkest hour, it will help pull you out."

Visit Sveva's Renderosity Gallery here and Marketplace Gallery here.

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