Ken Gilliland (KenG): "Art is life to me"

Sep 18, 2015 at 05:45 pm by -gToon

When it comes to art, there are many aspects people enjoy. Some say creating something from scratch and making it into something amazing is rather enjoyable while others say the way they feel during the process is one of the best feelings in the world. Whatever it is about art that gets you going, the ability to inspire others should be at the top of your list!

"The ability to have an idea and share it visually or simply play around, doodle and see what grows from that [is what's great]," says Ken Gilliland (KenG)--one of our members at Renderosity. "I love to share my art with the public and have little fear of its reception. What matters is that I'm happy with it. If I can touch one person with my art; it's a success."

At times, when you're feeling blue, art is always there for you when you need it the most! It's around to keep you sane, cheer you up and makes your day that much better.

"When I have strong emotions I paint, draw or render into my work, shedding them," says Ken. "Rarely a moment goes by when I'm not creating something in my head or in 2d or 3d. My art, in many ways, has some Dorian Gray qualities."

To some, art is a necessity. It's just breathing; it's just natural and happens without much thought.

"Doing art has never been a choice for me," says Ken. "As strange as it may seem, sometimes I don't have a clue how I created a piece. It's as if someone else has taken control of me and I'm simply doing dictation. I find myself hours later with a completed piece, and usually, those are among my best. "

The beauty about creating art is that it's up for interpretation and it's a means of expressing yourself.

"Art is also the way I express my emotions and communicate with to others," says Ken.

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