Pamela Augé (-Wolfie-) : "Art is limitless"

Sep 30, 2015 at 07:39 pm by -gToon

When being an artist, you have the ability to create endless portraits, paintings, models, etc. You aren't limited to just one aspect of art. I decided to interview Pamela Augé (-Wolfie-) to talk about the way she views art--through her eyes.

How has art changed your life?

Well, to be honest, it's been a pretty drastic change - in my opinion anyway. Before 3D/Poser, I ran my own graphic and web design business. I also worked in web-dev at the university in my city, while I started to get more involved in the 3D world. I was managing over 300 online distance education courses. I was building the designs, layouts, and adding all the course material, and managing all updates for each course.

Over the following years I started to notice I was suffering from insomnia, which led to depression. It wasn't until after my husband convinced me to leave the university and just focus on my 3D that I became aware of how badly I really felt, both emotionally, and physically.

3D art has allowed me the freedom to do what I'd like to do when I'd like to do it. If I have an off day, then I can take time for me. For me, I have far less stress and pressure in my day-to-day then I did working at the university.

What is it about art that you love?

Freedom. With 3D art, we are limitless. Nothing but our own skill level, or creativity, can hold us back...and even then we try and push ourselves each time. I'm far from an expert - Yeah, I'm no outoftouch, but I try to be consistent and try new things, new approaches, whenever I create something new.

I also love seeing how people use something I created. It's always fascinating to see someone else's vision for your product come to life. It's a pretty amazing thing.

What does art mean to you?

Freedom to create whatever strikes my fancy. I am inspired every day by thing all around me. Sometimes an idea will just come to me, and I either start right away, depending on what I might currently be working on, or sketch it in my many notebooks and sketch books for future reference. It's nice to be able to work on something that I want to work on, and even put something aside and work on some completely different project.

How did you become so passionate about art and why?

Art is limitless. We're only restricted by our own creative minds, which, really, there are actually no limits. If you can think it, you can build it. There's no end to what we can create and build. Have fun with it, and try to have no fear!

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