Rob Rushing (Shadownet): "Art is the ability to express yourself in creative ways"

Nov 25, 2015 at 03:09 pm by -gToon

Renderosity vendor Rob Rushing (Shadownet) has a quirky and fun sense of humor even though according to him he's "by nature, more quiet and reserve and basically a loner." When I sent along questions I could tell he has a great personality through his words. I mean, I'm a writer and just reading how others answer questions, I can tell what type of person they are.

Hope: What brought you to Renderosity?

Rob: Well, before there was a Renderosity there was me. Gee, I always wanted to say something profoundly corny like that. But, back then what eventually grew to become Renderosity was just a website where other Poser enthusiasts gathered to exchange free stuff and share ideas. So this takes me back in time to when Poser 2 was just about to be replaced by Poser 3, so that would make it around 1997 I guess when I got started. Been a lot of changes along the way but I still see some of the original artists around from those days. Nerd, Traveler, PhilC, Mapps, Steve+ Shanks, RENAPD to name a few that folks today may recognize. But there were others I remember, Bushi, Bloodsong, Kozaburo, Mason, who seem no longer around or active in the community and have become all but forgotten.

These were some of the ones who really helped to make the Poser community what it was in its infancy. From this primordial ooze Rendersoity came into being and I was proud to grow and evolve with it as an artist. Artist. Ha! I really do not consider myself an artist. Just a guy who fell in love with Poser and learned to do some things related to modeling and 2D paint along the way. The store was getting to be more and more a thing with content creators like myself making that shift from just doing free stuff to finding we now had a way to help support our habit (being Poserholics) as well as help support Renderosity in meeting her every growing needs. It is great to be part of a community where so many can hang out, post their artwork, and share their creations with one another. And my, how Renderosity has grown. So many members. So many talented artists and vendors. It's like gazing up into the night sky and seeing all those stars shining and thinking, "Hey, isn't that so beautiful?"

Hope: How has art changed your life?

Rob: I originally got into Poser because my "then work at the time" was extremely stressful and often exposed me to dealing with the darker side of life. Getting into Poser helped me maintain balance by allowing me to be creative and let me focus on the more beautiful and humor side of life. It's a very zen thing and has helped me over the years. Particularly now as I have health issues that greatly limit what I can do anymore. But, Art, as they say, is good for the soul. And it keeps me smiling and gives me the chance to draw deep upon my creative nature.

Hope: What is it about art that you love?

Rob: Oh, definitely it is the creativity. I love that no matter what you do in way of Art basically starts off as a blank canvas and it's up to you to figure out and makeup what you create. Whether it's dance, music, painting, or working Poser of Daz Studio. It is a similar creative process. There really are no words to describe it. I am sure everyone who has that same artistic spirit inside them knows just what I mean. It makes you feel a certain way inside. I think when we are feeling that way inside you are at your very best and the world is a better place for it.

Hope: Would you consider yourself more of a hobbyist?

Rob: Yes, even though this has become my main source of income of late, I never really felt like I was a professional, which is strange, perhaps, to say, since I have been working as a Poser content creator now for, goodness, I guess around fifteen years. But I have been so fortunate to work with great artists like Pixeluna and Ghostman, and just never feel I quite measure up when I see the quality of their work. Of course, they are so good at what they do, and I have my little thing, mainly rigging, that I tend to get passionate about. So we complement each other well and that is part of what has made us such a great team.

Hope: What does art mean to you?

Rob: To me, art is the ability to express yourself in creative ways. It is a way to reach inside yourself and find things you never really knew where there and bring them out and see what you can do with them. It is a way to challenge yourself to grow, to improve, and to look at the world around you in new and different ways. Art helps you to stay young and fresh inside. Most of all, however, I think art is a way to measure who you are in the eyes of your true inner self. To learn to be honest with yourself or else to learn to delude and lie to yourself. It seems it can go either way. But I believe for the true artist it is always the quest for honesty and truth when it comes to self-examination. A true artist is always looking down deep and hard at themselves and finding those flaws and faults and accepting them as part of what it means to be human but at the same time, making their best efforts possible to raise and grow beyond those limitations.

Hope: How did you become so passionate about art and why?

Rob: Well, I certainly got a lot of my passion and love for art from my Mom. She was a very creative person when she was alive and really loved people and life to the fullest. In fact, she was one of the happiest people I have ever known. But I still can see Art through her eyes, and a lot of that shows in what I do. I also have to say that working with some really talented and created artists like Pixeluna can only make you grow more passionate about art. I am always amazed at what she and Ghostman are doing in their work. It is also easy to browse the forums and see both the good and the bad on display. But all of it is a reflection of the people putting it out there for the world to see. It says a lot about who we are and how we think about ourselves and others. It is a passion we all can share.

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