Valery Hoeben (Godin):"What I love about making art is that it I get in contact with the Beauty of life"

Dec 28, 2015 at 12:54 pm by -gToon

Ah, art. Who doesn't love having the ability to create a portrait, 3D model or painting at your leisure? Whether it's your full-time job or hobby, creating art takes passion and dedicate. I interviewed Valery Hoeben (Godin) about her passion for art.

What brought you to Renderosity?

In 2008, I found my way to Digital Art. I started working with DAZ Studio at first and later on with Poser too. I devoted all my spare time to this. While my desire and curiosity for making digital art kept growing, I soon found Renderosity Marketplace via google web browser. I was looking for new content and that brought me to Renderosity.

Soon after this, I found my way to the community gallery and saw all these amazing images. This inspired me even more to make art and I started uploading my images here too. I received ebots via e-mail that comments were left at my images, I was so thrilled by this and soon I started making friends here via the gallery at renderosity. They welcomed me and we started sharing tips and tricks.

How has art changed your life?

Creating 3dart opened up a whole new world for me and enriched my live. This started out as a hobby and now I making a living from it and it's my full-time job. I feel very lucky because of this.

What is it about art that you love?

What I love about making art is that it I get in contact with the Beauty of life. This lights my fire, and brings out the passion inside me. So much is possible, things you only imagine and dream of come alive through art. Making art is pure Magic.

What does art mean to you?

Making art is very important because I get in contact with my inner being. It brings Peace and Quiet to my mind and Joy to the heart. I can express myself through art.

How did you become so passionate about art and why?

As a little girl, I was enchanted by fairy tales. I had a few fairy tale books. I think those illustrations and stories are what have awoken my passion and love for art. Another thing what made me feel passionate about art at young age, was a family friend-- who was a professional artist-- and made oil paintings. His skills were truly amazing and I was so inspired by him.

At early age, I started drawing and sculpting with clay.

I kept drawing until my early 20s. After that, I stopped drawing and devoted all my spare time into sculpting with clay. I loved to create fairytales and fantasy figures. In 2008, I found my way into Digital art and I was hooked ever since.

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