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Interview with Renderosity artist claude19

Renderosity Magazine: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. Let's start with a quick question on why you choose abstract art over "figurative" art (as you put it). Certainly, you would have wider appeal with realism. What is it about abstraction that appeals to you?

Claude19: I make no intellectual effort to think abstract. I did some mathematical study successfully, and the beginning of my professional activity, business psychologists have told me that I had a lot of facilities with abstraction. This fact does not mean that realist painting does not interest me ... it is the great European painters, including Dutch who introduced me to The Paintings! Rembrandt has certainly come to me the taste for light and color ... The Night Watch is the most beautiful picture I have seen dan s my life ... love at first sight !!! Fortunately for me, cosmography I studied Mathematics and the launch of Sputnik made me addicted to mysteries of the universe!

As in music, the life that allowed me to play the piano, also taught me modesty, and no one can play Chopin as Martha Algerich !!! So now I dialogue with my keyboard ... no ambition other than to dream! So to return to the abstract and my attraction to fractals is a taste to communicate and show the "beauties" I create the majority of my paintings ... often tell the life of a spark our Cosmos, as it appears in my imagination ... ArtFirendly Claude

Ah, now I understand better what you are doing! Tell me though, how do you balance the technical aspects of creating fractals with your desire to communicate something? Also, when do you know a fractal painting is finished?

Claude19: You know very well that figurative, the artist does know the end of his work on a painting, sometimes several months after the first brush stroke ... my problem is not at all the same! In the beginning of creation, I use a fractal qu'Apophysis shows me one hundred other figures random! I tested and transformations of the first raw or natively: my eye looks through profit result, which gives the first glimpse ... I guess then almost immediately the image supplements, usually performed by parameter changes from the "first raw" ... and at that moment, my brain imagine some cosmetic surgery for my eye is more attractive ...

I'm not in fractal fashion, but in mixed medium, with simple programs like PhotoFiltre or ... thanks to my inner intellectual honesty, I judge at a time that the image isan all, because I can give it a title, especially if colors and lights are present !!! When I then exposes a result RR, it is not to please others but because I love what I did and am happy ... and that's why in the mass of images displayed a large proportion is not found in other artists !!!

As a prelude to Valentine's Day

I like how you describe the process of finding the fractal image that pleases you as you work. Are you primarily a self-taught artist or do you have any training? What are some of your goals for the future as an artist?

Claude19: Dear Ricky, your question does not leave me indifferent ... in 2012, I wanted to try to transfer my digital work, in sheets of albums photos! In fact, I completely self-taught, and retired partanjt, having been a systems engineer on UNIX and Informix databases, I certainly did not want to Informatics during leisure ... Alas ... to manage a micro computer, must spend 20% of their time on monitoring the health of his machine ... well, that day our microphones are more competent than it was 15 years UNIX machines.

So, having realized the production of a brochure for an organization where I volunteer, I rubbed me the designers who have taught me a few things ... So I have on my old Quad processurs tower and Windows XP, with 4 gigabytes of RAM tried to achieve two albums one entitled "Essential" and another "Globes" that I edited in each 1ex a German laboratory ... The original images as files are quite large 4000 x 3000 pixels with about 300bpi definition. The result really impressed me ... I dream of one day a photo exhibition, because in France it is the only solution ... the galleries for painters .., and photos can be seen after !!! ArtFriendly Claude

Amazing. No wonder you like to work with fractal imagery as it requires strong technical skills. You mentioned a photo exhibition in France (I hope it happens for you!). Is that where you live? Can you tell us a little about your background and life?

Claude19: I was the brother of a man that my parents had decided smarter than me ... in fact 15 years my brother was pursuing his studies more and our father did join the Navy ... me 20 years, no longer supporting the family atmosphere, I made my stay, quit my studies ... and soon sent to Algeria ... I discovered Africa north of the Sahara, gerbils, toads that come out of the sand after a storm, to croak outdoors! I returned 30 months after I left the army ... I took the Tier degree in business ... I learned the basics of Computer Science (1962) ... I started several once my career, because without diploma as graduate, I had to go up the ladder to every company that hired me !!!

Portrait d'Alien...!!!

I married, I mounted an IT services company ... but I quickly threw in the towel, not being made to be boss ... I worked for want of anything else in the photograph .. .I sold Nikon, the Leicas, ZEISS optics, Canon etc ... have been repeatedly unemployed, my wife suggested I enter dazns administration if possible ... that the was and I worked until the age of 63 years as an engineer systène and UNIX database administrator ... the rest you know! The PHOTO Espo is a dream for which I n 't have the means ... and I'm too old to be difficult ... it is already a joy to exhibit at RR !!!

I am living around NANTES near the Loire !!!

Two last questions: one, what advice would you give to someone who is just starting to create fractal art? Two, can you choose 10 of your favorite works (all I need are the titles) so I can create a video?

Claude19: Portrait d'Alien...!!!

Also to rub on other Renderosity estn a good learning school ... not LDCs rely on preformatted qu_i software offers you the results that you do not master ... be very personal ... and know that Art is the only country in Freedom !!!

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