Meet Kyle Gesekling, The Self Taught Artist

Aug 31, 2016 at 06:57 pm by -gToon

When I went to Musikfest at the beginning of August, I planned on meeting an artist who I could get to know. I figured there would be plenty of folks who loved art just as much as myself. And, that is where I met, Kyle Geseking.

"I'm a self-taught artist of 3 years, rock climber, ninja warrior, backpacker, writer, owner of Life's Edge Art LLC," said Kyle. "I grew up in a small town in the woods of New Jersey called Frelinghuysen. It is ten minutes away from where the original Friday the 13th was filmed."

Kyle said that art found him, he never chose to become an artist.

"In fact, I had poor grades in high school in my art class so I never considered myself to be artistic," said Kyle. "I have heard artists emerge during rough times in their lives."

He graduated high school not knowing what he wanted to do and figured business administration would be best since it applies to everything. His college experience wasn't enjoyable after he got moved to a desk job instead of instructing people on how to rock climb.

"I wasn't even climbing as much as I would have liked, so I was really depressed. So I began drawing at my desk job," said Kyle. "Then at home, I decided to try spray paint art--an art form which has been around since the 80's but is viewed as limited to city sky lines and planets."

After a few months of getting into art, he began combining his skills of drawing with spray paint.

"I made my own unique art style. I quit my job of instructing so I could climb more and went to a flea market to try and sell some of my artwork to fund my next rock climbing trip," said Kyle. "I painted one time and had a crowd of 40 people watching."

Then, he was hooked.

He said that he, "painted a professional race horse, a German Shepard, and had an art piece engraved on someone's tomb stone within my first couple months of living as an artist."

"About a year later, I was still learning and growing as an artist," said Kyle. "I went through a terrible breakup and took on a job dealing with cabinetry, setting up art shows in NYC, working 40-60 hours a week, all on top of trying to paint and run my business."

It was hard for him to balance everything and his fitness, health and well-being went downhill. He needed to re-focus, so he decided to travel to Thailand for 2 weeks.

"In that two weeks, I went scuba diving, painted a mural in Thailand, met other backpackers from all over the world. It was an awakening," said Kyle. "A lot of people in our culture have let work become their life. They take on jobs which exhaust them to the point that when they are home they aren't themselves."

When Kyle returned home, he quit his job to pursue a career in art. His art business is called "Life's Edge Art." He took a risk, but said it was so worth it.

"Life is for living, experiencing, and I am going to remind people to live their life on the edge through my artwork," said Kyle. "I have been an artist for 3 years and I have very big plans."

Kyle is currently now working on his website, which will be done soon. Visit Kyle's Facebook page here.

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