Artist Spotlight: KuzMich, Master of Digital Landscapes

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-Base-18P7 by Kuzmich

I came across the remarkable landscapes of artist KuzMich while searching for something else at Renderosity. As so often happens, you find something better through serendipity. After picking my jaw up off of the floor several times while going through KuzMich's gallery, I ended up buying one of his background image packs (they are great, trust me). Then I started thinking that I want to know more about this artist. So, here are the results.

KuzMich has been a member of since 2008. He lives in the Ukraine and specializes in creating imaginative landscapes, especially of the science fiction kind. The splash image above (Base - 18P7) is a perfect example of just how he works: highly detailed imagery that comes together through the use of color and composition. In fact, KuzMich does what great artists all do: they make their images look simple and clear. In reality, however, the image is often filled with complexity and passion.

I spoke with KuzMich, a self-effacing and kind person, who talked with me about his background and his working methods.

Interview with artist KuzMich

Renderosity Magazine: Tell us about your background; where do you live?

KuzMich: I live in Ukraine! I work in the treasury... a post system administrator. So, if you need to reinstall the operating system or configure the network - please!;)

Tell us about how you became a digital artist?

KuzMich: A friend gave the CD diskc on which the program was Bryce. I liked it and I began to study it. And before that I worked 2D in Corel DRAW and Photoshop. Well... and then I met with the Vue!:)

You have such a talent for creating landscapes, is this your favorite kind of image?

KuzMich: Yes, I like to create landscapes... Probably because it is a real, natural... somewhere where something was, is or will be!:) And it helps me to relax by interacting with people. Nature - is not annoying!:) Usually...

Why do you use Poser and Daz?

KuzMich: Hmm... I do not quite understand the question! This use or not?:) But the answer, as I understand! I've been using in his work and also... Poser to create living objects. And then export them to Bryce or Vue. In the posers, I do not work. Not learned yet... :)))

How do you create a landscape image, what is your process?

KuzMich: Fair? I do not know!:) Rip Bryce or Vue... and do nothing! I can view the schedule in the internet, I can flip through your library of objects... and then start to do something... as a rule, always start with the large and distant objects! Mountains, planets, etc. Oh, and then... gone - gone!:) It happens that one day I can do the whole scene... and sometimes the process lasts for several not! **

Do you have any favorites among your works?

KuzMich: There are no such! You could choose between their children? Who are your favorite, and who does not!? Some of my works are successful, some not so... and to be honest, I am for all his work attitude is critical. Each see any disadvantages. But! Children are children!:)

Summer by KuzMich

Who are some of the artists who have inspired and influenced you?

KuzMich: Yes!:) At the very beginning of his artistic career, I really like the work of two people, who are on site. One Orbital and second 1971s. But time inexorably moving forward and pulls us away... or we pull it!:) Everything is changing... and at the moment, for me there is no such thing as a favorite... it's too generalizing the concept, it narrows the border evaluation of creativity! It is necessary for the other to evaluate the work of other artists. I think so!:)

Is there anything else you'd like to say about yourself?

KuzMich: About myself? Good question ... Ok!:) People - the sand! Sand - Desert! Desert - part of the world! From parts of the world - the whole world! So who are we? I am an ordinary man who lives his life, something has been and what is waiting... The only question is - by whom? Tolley from himself, or omitted from God... but, all the questions were answered long ago!:) Only people do not bother to understand the answers... unfortunately!

what computer hardware to you use?

KuzMich: Computer weak!:) 4GB of RAM, Intel Xeon 3 GHz, video card Nvidia GTS 250 512 Memory

Can you describe your work area?

KuzMich: A small table, on it a computer, monitor, pen tablet, keyboard, mouse... a bunch of disks... some books... I sit in the chair convenient (you can go to sleep;)) ... like so!

Does the Ukraine support digital arts?

KuzMich: Yes! But ... how strange! Maybe I'm just not familiar with this market segment!:)

Is there a community of artists there?

KuzMich: Probably yes ... not interested!:)

KuzMich Video

Renderosity Magazine's Artist Spotlight: KuzMich from Renderosity Magazine on Vimeo.

The first of a series of Artist Spotlight videos we will feature at Renderosity Magazine. KuzMich, a master of digital landscape creation, took the time to answer questions and talk about his working methods. The video features 11 of his works which can be found at KuzMich's gallery,

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