How Denise Garbis Switched To Digital Art And Never Looked Back

Apr 21, 2016 at 09:28 am by -gToon

Denise Garbis - who is originally from New York - lives in Texas with her wonderful husband, Dino, Yorkie Cierra and Jax the cat. She says from a child, she always loved art.

"I love being creative and escaping the harsh elements of this world. Be it music or painting," says Denise. "I always loved drawing and coloring from very young."

It was in 1996 when she switched to digital art and never looked back.

"While I no longer do commissions, I have been honored throughout the years to have my work featured in Magazines & galleries," says Denise. "[I've also] graced many book covers, billboards and other publishings.

At this time, her focal point for inspiration is her Yorkie, Cierra. She's been painting Yorkshire Terriers to help "benefit Florida Yorkie Rescue, who continue to save these little darlings and give them a chance at a happy long life."

She donates to various causes and charities to help raise money. She says it's her "way of being thankful for what I've achieved."

Life and the people I can make smile are my daily inspiration! Every day is a new vision. My art enables me to create a world that's positive, yet enchanting.

When asked about her true passion in life, it was surprising to hear it was not art. She sort of started it due to boredom and then it sort of took off from there.

"My passion in life has been other things I've achieved and accomplished," says Denise. "Now I can honestly say my truest passion is my loving and wonderful family that I'm so blessed to have."

Want to learn more about Denise? Be sure to check out her Facebook page here as well as her website here.

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