"Art is my passion" Renderosity vendor DryJack

Feb 29, 2016 at 02:39 pm by -gToon

It seems for some, art has changed them in more ways than one. For Renderosity vendor DryJack, he became a self-employed artist.

"That was thirteen years ago and I'm still doing it and loving every minute," says DryJack.

What brought you to Renderosity?

I discovered 3d about 10 years ago when I got a free copy of Shade with a computer magazine. Soon after that, I found Daz studio and realised there was tons of free content on the net. I found Renderosity straight away and joined up. I relied totally on free stuff in the early days and spent hours downloading everything I could from the freestuff area.

How has art changed your life?

During my teenage years and into my twenties, I was something of a waster. Doing nothing, drinking lots and doing everything possible not to get a job! I hadn't picked up a paintbrush since I was a kid, but one birthday a mate gave me a Warhammer model of a troll. I really enjoyed painting it and before long, I had a hobby. This lead on to painting on canvas and I was lucky enough to sell some pictures. Art definitely saved me from a fairly miserable existence and gave me a purpose in life.

What is it about art that you love?

I guess like any artist, the process of starting with a blank workspace, canvas, lump of clay or whatever and creating something that provokes a reaction from people is always a fantastic experience.

Would you consider yourself more of a hobbyist?

I've always considered 3d art to be a hobby. Something I do for fun when I'm not working. In the last few years, I've been paid for creating book covers, working on a couple of games and now I've started my Renderosity store. I don't know if that changes my hobbyist status or not. I'm inclined to think not. Something this enjoyable can't possibly be work.

What does art mean to you?

Art is my passion. Something I long for when I'm not doing it and something I couldn't live without. It means everything to me.

How did you become so passionate about art and why?

My dad was always painting and sketching when I was a kid and I used to watch him for hours. He was hugely talented and I definitely got my passion for art from him.

Be sure to download DryJack's Victorian hat box freestuff item here.

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