Getting to Know Renderosity Vendor Dante78

Feb 22, 2016 at 12:37 pm by -gToon

I always love getting to know Renderosity's vendors. I feel like I'm more in-tune with who they are as a person as well as an artist. So, I decided to chat with dante78.

What brought you to Renderosity?

My first contact with Renderosity dates back to the age of 11 years old I think. My father was really active on Renderosity since 1999 until 2012. I've grown-up with that and I was very admirative of all the great artists we can found here. I saw incredible people like StoneMason, Rodluc, 3DClassics, StudioArtVartanian and lot of others! I wanted a day to make models like them! It was a sort of child's dream! I also always loved the Renderosity community, it's a big concentration of really cool, passionate and smart people! So, in 2011, I've decided to come back to Renderosity and open my own store!

How has art changed your life?

In a general way, art permitted me to open my mind and questioning myself to a lot of subjects, to know lots of really inspired and talented people! All this has influenced me a lot for creating my models and for being an artist on Renderosity. In a way more personally, I would say that it became a kind of safety valve for me. Indeed, listen/play music, make 3D, see films-photos-sculptures-books, all these forms of art allow me to organize my mind, to understand life more easily and more safely. Concerning my art on Renderosity, I would say that it's one of the greatest change of my life, to publish models that I love to create, to be judged instantly, to work hard and often very late to try to realize what I have in mind and after that sometimes to have reviews/suggestions/comments from people, it's very fulfilling to feel followed! It pushes me to always be more demanding with myself!

What is it about art that you love?

I love all forms of art! I love music; I can't go a day without playing piano or guitar! I especially love people who try to recreate the reality through the painting, 3D, sculpting. I don't know why but it's fascinating for me to see detailed works. To see in a painting for example, the accuracy with which some people can to transcript every details that we can see in real life, and who making all so familiar for the eyes! Those people are really awesome! I'm also fascinated by the report to the reality that some people transcribe in their works, it's very interesting and constructive to observe!

What does art mean to you?

To me art is a very powerful tool to express oneself, to show what we have in mind, to organize and structure the spirit, to communicate. Like I said before, for someone it would be a safety valve, for other the only way to express himself and for other a small pleasure of every day! This is a very personal thing, as much as the report that everyone has with it!

How did you become so passionate about art and why?

Because my parents made me aware of that early. They pushed me to be curious about music, painting, drawing. To be interested to discover a lot of things. That allowed and encouraged me to keep a contact with art during all my life. Now it's a part of my life without which one I don't feel well, I love to create and there are a lot of things who run in my mind that I want to do! I need to continue to create to feel good every day!

Additionally, as an added bonus, Dante78 has a freestuff item you can download here.

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