"'Art' is what real artists do"

Jan 28, 2016 at 10:42 am by bwsupport

Renderosity member Steve K won the Carrara forum challenge and as a reward, you get to learn a bit about this fellow. Not only will you get to know him as an artist, you'll also have the pleasure in getting to know him as a person!

What brought you to Renderosity?

I've been visiting Renderosity for many years, going back to my early efforts with Poser and Bryce (remember Fractal Design?). I am not a modeler, so I am constantly looking for high quality, affordable 3D elements I can use in my work, now mostly short animations in Carrara (Poser and Carrara format items). Renderosity is currently one of the best sites for such content.

How has art changed your life?

I don't consider myself an artist (I'm a chemical engineer by education), but it's impressive how some animations combine so many elements effectively. Characters, body language, facial expressions, dialogue, scenes/settings, props, music, sound effects, plot, blocking, color schemes. Some of Pixar's movies are right up there with the best live action movies. I especially like some of the Pixar shorts, e.g. "Burn-E", "Jack Jack Attack", outtakes.

To me, "Art" is what real artists do.

The best examples I can think of are the Oscar nominees for short animations, which my wife & I see every year at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. The 2014 Oscar winner, "Mr. Hublot", is a great example. I'm just playing with toys, very clever toys, but it's just a hobby. I think some of those Oscar level short animations have dozens of professional folks involved for extended periods.

How did you become so passionate about art and why?

I don't know if "passionate" is the right word, its just a very engrossing hobby. The tools have become fairly affordable and useable, making it fun.

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